Email Marketing for Montessori Schools

Email is a uniform method of contact in today’s world.  Leveraging on email marketing gives you an edge reaching out to prospects  and current enrolments that gives you a direct market to prequalified leads. Email mailing lists can be harvested organically through your website or obtained in other ways which focus on the demographics you want to reach.

Maintaining mailing lists and deploying email marketing campaigns requires a company that is up to date on current marketing strategies, understands the market your Montessori school wants to reach, and has the experience necessary to manage your email marketing as part of your school’s complete web presence.

Aspects of a Montessori Web Presence

  • Email Marketing focused on Montessori Education

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  • Your Montessori School’s Website

    Like a base of operations, your website is where all external links point to. From Social media to PPC advertising, the design and function of your website is a crucial factor. 
  • SEO for Montessori Schools

    Understanding the Montessori industry means having the ability to get results from SEO tactics used on your Montessori website. 
  • Online Advertising for Montessori Schools

    The core of any marketing campaign is the way your advertising is designed and deployed for the best ROI. 
  • Social Media Presence for Montessori Schools

    Maintaining a fresh, consistent online presence lets your prospective enrollments know you are active and aware, building local relevance through online interaction. 
  • Positive Reputation Management for Montessori Schools

    Promoting your dominance of specific keywords, respondiong promptly to inquitires, and keeping your website and social media accounts active are all important steps necesary to give your Montessori school prominance in search engines such as Google.

Email Marketing Works

Email marketing has been evolving since the World Wide Web became a global phenomenon, so it is important to work with an email marketing company that uses the latest online marketing tools and understands how to get favorable results from mailing lists, promotions, and cold contacts. Using compiled email lists, WSI Connect designs newsletters that prompt readers to take action– usually in the form of visiting your website. Additionally, the newsletter provides information about your Montessori school’s events, accomplishments, and other information that keeps parents informed. 

WSI Connect as Your Email Marketing Company

WSI Connect knows how to work with your school to develop a database of email addresses for mailing lists, how to design and deploy the newletters, and have the field experience to get results from the email marketing campaigns we initiate.

Benefits of Email Marketing

The key to email marketing is that you are also providing a resource of information to the people who receive your newsletter. That is helpful in a number of ways, including:

  • Community Interaction

    Your Montessori school newsletter gives people who receive it an immediate way to contact you. This shows an active involvement in the community and gives your school a sense of presence.

  • Better Market Reach

    Everyone has an email address. WSI Connect uses the most advanced tools to build email mailing lists focused on the demographics your school is looking for.

  • Increased Revenue Generation

    Special offers and repeat communication are both effective email tools for increasing the bottom line.

  • Better Brand Recognition

    The more prospective clients see your name– in email, through paid advertising, and by visiting your website– the more comfortable they become with your authority in the field of Montessori.

  • Increased Website Relevance

    By clicking through to yourwebsite from a newsletter, visitors help build the ranking and relevance of your website in search rankings.