Effective Professional Montessori School Marketing

By leveraging effective digital marketing strategies, Montessori Schools can attract more prospective parents to visit their school and increase their enrollment.

Montessori Marketing Strategies

WSI Connect has helped many Montessori Schools with digital marketing and we created the Montessori Marketing Strategies microsite so that we can share our experience and help you increase enrollment at your school.

Developing an effective website is crucial in today’s fast-paced world. Montessori schools use websites to attract new families, keep current families informed about upcoming events, and much more. Underneath that, your Montessori website is a complete marketing solution designed to put your school in front of prospective parents and promote enrollment. This is accomplished by the strategic use of 6 essential services from WSI Connect:

Attractive Montessori Web Design

A Montessori school’s website is often the first interaction parents have with the school. For that reason, it is vital that your website catches their attention and engages them to take action-- in the form of enrollment. Your website should be a reflection of the curriculum, teacher experience and integrity of your school.

Montessori Social Media Promotion

Effectively promoting your Montessori school through social media sites gives you more access to a new generation of parents and builds your reputation as a modern, technologically savvy school. Beneath that, social media sites are a gold mine of data and demographics you can use to tailor your school’s message.

Montessori SEO

Search engines are one of the best marketing tools ever invented. With proactive Search Engine Optimization (SEO) you can put your Montessori school in front of people who are searching for a Montessori school so that you can target exactly the people you want to attract.

Montessori Paid Search (PPC)

Paid search, also known as pay per click or PPC, is the complex process of identifying and securing ad space in search engines and other online sources to reach a targeted audience. PPC is critical in improving the visibility and relevance of your school as it compares to other, similar schools.

Montessori Email Marketing

Email marketing is a multi-faceted approach to marketing and data distribution. We’ll help your school build mailing lists, create targeted email messages, and distribute information to families and audiences who are interested in the information you are sharing.

Montessori Reputation Management

Your reputation is what brings new enrollment. Through blog posts, article distribution and other online tools, we help your Montessori school build a reputation as a leader in Montessori education in your community. And because all online techniques work in conjunction with- others your reputation drives and is driven by things such as SEO, PPC, and more.

What Our Clients Say

"WSI Connect has helped immensely from implementing SEO, building an attractive and effective website, writing informative blog posts, creating Facebook ads, giving us monthly updates about our progress, being available to us for anything that we need and working with us collaboratively on different ideas. Always offering a creative and informed perspective… We could not be more pleased with our experience with WSI Connect. We recommend WSI Connect to all the other small businesses we know and we owe a great deal to their team for all of their outstanding work."
Anishka Nawagamuwa
Co-Administrator, Hill Point Montessori

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