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Finding the right Montessori website design company is essential because your website is your most visable and most valuable marketing asset. It is often the very first impression of your Montessori school and thus it must reflect the quality of your facility, faculty, administration, and curriculum.

Your Montessori website should also help prospective parents who are unfamiliar with the Montessori Method to understand it’s value and how it differentiates from the standard, state funded, education programs.

A professionally designed Montessori website will help attract prospective parents, educate them about your school and the Montessori method and persuade them to visit your school. Typically, Montessori schools have a very high conversion rate as a high percentage of parents that tour their school go on to enroll their child(ren).

Why Choose WSI Connect as your Montessori website design company?

We take an Owner’s Perspective:

At WSI Connect we work closely with our clients to clearly understand their programs and needs for enrollment and integrate these into the Montessori website development process.

Some schools only have capacity for a handful of new students and thus they only require a basic website with a little local SEO. Others schools have multiple locations with programs across multiple age ranges. These typically have significantly more capacity to enroll new students and need a full marketing system with automation and integrated content marketing, email marketing, and social media campaigns. Most schools fall somewhere in between.

We are here to help every step of the way. We will develop a specific marketing strategy for your school base on your needs for enrollment and your current marketing assets.

Examples of our work:

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Essential elements of great web design:

  • Competitive Research – Education is a very competitive space. Often there are a number of Montessori schools within a small radius and they compete for new students. There are also a number of other private organizations with their own proprietary curriculum that compete with Montessori schools for new students. We take the time to clearly understand and analyze the marketing efforts of your top competitors so that we develop a powerful website that enables your stand out from your local competition.

  • Landing Pages – Landing pages are web pages dedicated to creating a desired conversion. The most common type of landing page that we create for a Montessori website is a dedicated tour page. This helps focus parents on taking the next step and persuades them to visit your school for a tour. Other landing pages we create would be for ebook downloads, or an email newsletter signup.
Keep form fields to four or less and always have a "Thank You" page for prospective parents.
  • Coding – Your Montessori website needs to clearly share information with search engines and they do that in the code. We are careful to optimize the code in the way that Google specifies.

  • Testing – Your visitors are coming in on a wide range of web browsers, from an even wider range of devices (desktops, laptops, tablets, and a huge range of mobile devices). Before we launch a new Montessori website, we test it across a wide range of devices and browsers to ensure that it looks great and functions properly on all of them.

Montessori Website must haves:

  • Responsive/mobile friendly – Based on an analysis of our existing Montessori clients, over 50% of traffic comes from visitors using mobile devices and this trend continues to grow. Google now indexes the mobile version of your website. Essentially this means that the mobile version of your Montessori website is the most important version.
Up to 70% of internet traffic is mobile. It is vital your school's website looks great across all devices.
  • Speed is essential – Test your website using Google’s PageSpeed Insights. Slow websites create bad user experiences and are quickly abandoned. Page speed also essential for SEO.

  • Beautiful graphics or photos – Humans are very visual by nature. Nothing helps encourage prospective parents to learn more about your school than good photography. Photos should help parents visualize your school, curriculum, and faculty.

  • Customer testimonials – We encourage all of our schools to solicit testimonials from their current parents so that we can publish them on their website. We’ve seen that a testimonial page receives a lot of traffic, which means that they have value. Google reviews are especially important as they show up in the local search results and significantly increase the likelihood that they will click through to your website.
Using testimonials help build trust with prospective parents.

Conversions – This is why Montessori schools invest in marketing. For most Montessori schools the key goal is to encourage prospective parents to schedule a tour. To help enable this we leverage tap to call phone numbers, landing pages, calls-to-action (CTAs) and optimized contact pages, as a few examples.

Interested in free consultation? The first step is to schedule a discovery call. There is no obligation. The objective of this call is to start a conversation about your school’s goals so that we can determine if we are the right agency to become your Montessori website design company.

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