Montessori Social Media Strategies

Social media is a great way to engage your current parents and it can be a useful way to supplement your marketing efforts.

We recommend social media paid promotions for schools that have a lot of capacity, can dedicate a significant marketing budget, and need multiple marketing channels to help them increase enrollment quickly.

WSI Connect can help build a comprehensive Montessori social media strategy

Here is the process that we follow:
  1. Identify your current goals for growth. Some schools are focused on filling their available openings, other schools are planning on adding additional classrooms or opening new locations. Each school needs a custom strategy based on their goals for growth.
  2. Optimize Facebook and Instagram business pages. New visitors to your social media profile pages will look at the About section, look for reviews, look at photos, etc. Your profile should incorporate content that builds trust and credibility with your audience. Add missing elements such as calls-to-action (CTA’s) to help turn these platforms into lead generation machines.
Montessori Marketing Strategies - Optimize Social Media Profiles
Take the time to complete your page's about section.
  1. Analyze your current social media strategies. Many of the schools that we work with have some type of strategy in place for sharing photos to Facebook and Instagram. We can help build upon your existing strategy or design a new strategy to attract more prospective parents to your school.
  2. Analyze your top local competitors’ social media strategies. Analyzing your local competitors (non-Montessori schools included) helps identify their strengths and weaknesses so that your social media strategy can stand out from your competition.
Montessori Marketing Strategies - Analyze Competitor Strategies
Be sure to add your competitors' pages as Pages to Watch in FB.
  1. Create authoritative content. Help people understand the value of the Montessori Method and position your school as a local Montessori leader.
  2. Create ad content for promotion. Social media promotion is a great opportunity to improve attendance at Open houses, school tours, summer camps, and other events. The creative visuals you use should be consistent with your brands colors, fonts, and updated to ensure consistent performance.
  3. Landing page development/optimization. Each post or ad should lead to a relevant landing page. If the ad is promoting an open house, the link included in the ad should lead to a dedicated landing page that is all about the open house.
Montessori Social Media Services - Landing Pages
Take the time to build relevant landing pages for each promotion.
  1. Efficient ad targeting. You’ll want to place promoted ads and content it in front of parents that have shown an interest in Montessori within the appropriate geographic area. Additionally, you should identify common interests that help expand your audience.
  2. Test and measure content performance to identify your top performing content. This is an ongoing process that boosts the perceived authority of your school.
  3. Measure and report campaign ROI. Calculate the net impact of how the social media campaign investment is contributing to the growth of your school’s enrollment and the growth of annual revenue.


We create a custom digital marketing strategy for each school that we work with. Contact us for a free consultation.

The value of developing your Montessori Social Media Strategy

  • It contributes to your current marketing efforts
  • It builds brand awareness
  • It influences word of mouth referrals
  • You can target new audiences of prospective parents
Facebook and Instagram have the largest audiences and use the same advertising platform so we focus on these for any of our Montessori social media campaigns. The advantages that social media offers Montessori schools are the ability to put your content and ads in front of prospective parents, and several methods of targeting prospective parents.
  • Geographic location
  • Interests
  • Demographics
  • Retargeting
  • Lookalike audiences
  • Targeting users that have similar interests and demographics as your current or past parents.

Defining a Social Media Presence

Your brand is your most important asset on social media sites. It must be promoted carefully, and demonstrate a sense of evolution. WSI Connect uses regular posts to keep your online presence active and build relevance for your school.

Additionally, your entire online presence, including social media sites, your blog, and your website, interacts by allowing visitors to click straight to your page. Getting more visitors to your web page is where the process of converting viewers into enrollment begins, and social media is the most popular way to do that.

Effective Social Media Applications for Montessori Schools

Social media gives you a chance to interact with your local community directly. Through social media sites, you can provide information on many different subjects, including:
  • General Industry Information
  • Open House Dates
  • Enrollment Dates
  • Holiday and Weather Alerts
  • Client Conversion
  • SEO Triggers
  • Event Photos

Social media channels for Montessori Schools

By far, the best social channels for marketing a Montessori school are Facebook and Instagram. They have huge audiences and their integrated platforms allow for easy sharing and promoting content. Opportunities on Facebook and Instagram
  • Business Pages
  • Posts
  • Ads
  • Pixel / Retargeting (showing ads to people that have visited your website or clicked on ad content)Each of these opportunities represents ways to build brand awareness and help drive school growth.
Social Media Audit If you already have a social media strategy in place for your Montessori school, we can help with a social media audit to measure its effectiveness.
  • Develop Benchmarks and KPI’s
  • Identify the best mix of content, the right social platforms, and the best times to post
  • Find opportunities to better engage with prospective parents
  • Determine resource allocation and optimization
Working with WSI Connect We have a lot of experience working with Montessori schools to help them improve enrollment. Contact us today to learn more about our digital marketing strategies, including our Montessori social media strategies.