WSI Connect Is Your Montessori School’s Online Advertising Agency

Online advertising, often referred to as Pay-Per-Click or simply PPC is the complex business of identifying profitable keywords, bidding on placement in key online locations and driving results through paid search engine advertising.

We understand our clients. Montessori education is a format we want to stand behind and we have spent years positioning our company as a leader in Montessori website design. Similarly, your success is our goal, so we stay up to date with the latest trends and analytical tools in order to provide you with fresh, on-target marketing.

We are a Google partner with industry experience in developing effective ad campaigns. We work within your budget to provide you with the best return on your investment in a highly competitive market. Unlike traditional radio and TV, online advertising is very closely targeted with your exacting demographics. 

Paid Search Vs. Display Advertising

Online advertising is accomplished using 2 distinct methods: Display Advertising and Paid Search. Both can be very effective, but using them in tandem provides your website with the highest saturation. 

Paid Search for Montessori Schools

Text-based ad space is purchased on major search engines like Google. We will develop an effective set of keywords that trigger your Montessori school’s ad display. Bidding takes place based on parameters such as keyword popularity, budget, and geographic area. Paid search is excellent for driving local search results, which in turn drives website relevance for search rankings. To be truly effective, your online advertising agency needs to adhere to successful strategies such as:

  • Focus on Intent

    Identify keywords that show an intent to take action. Include location searches to give you prominence over competitors farther away. 

  • Use Compelling Text

    Make the ad stand out and get noticed. The first step was getting the ad displayed and the second is to catch the reader’s attention. The ad text is how you compete with other schools for the same ad space.

  • Optimize Your Ad Extensions

    Take advantage of the options offered by AdWords to build out your ad space for the most reach. This includes things like site links, location and callout extensions, and more.

  • Use Multiple Ads

    Create ads for every facet of your school’s services, including divisions such as daycare, preschool, and elementary school options. Test ads against themselves to polish the campaign and focus on the best ROI.

Promoting Montessori Schools with Display Ads

Display ads match your advertising keywords with websites that have advertising space available. An attractive graphic is displayed whichincludes links to funnel interested viewers back to your website. The sites where your Montessori school will appear are determined using the Google AdWords service. Effective display advertising includes these strategies:

  • Quality Ad Design

    Quality graphics help attract the attention of viewers in ad space that may contain multiple graphics. An ad that attracts a click is one step closer to a conversion.

  • Remarketing

    Presenting your company as a clickable ad to people who have already visited your website increases the return on investment and provides leads with additional opportunity to take action.

  • Performance Analytics

    Some websites offer better exposure and lead generation than others. Reviewing the traffic details of similar ads allows us to modify campaigns more efficiently and focus on ad space in areas that show better performance. The ad space we use should reflect the nature of your brand.