Your Montessori SEO Company

At this moment, parents are using search engines like Google to find the right Montessori school for their children. WSI Connect uses Search Engine Optimization (SEO) to help Montessori schools like yours tap into the inert opportunities of search engine results, and make it easier for parents to find your programs.

Why choose WSI Connect for SEO?

WSI Connect has an in-depth understanding of how Google works and what it looks for when populating search results. We can help your Montessori school website appear in search results related to Montessori schools, which will direct more visitors to your website. Combined with the right visitor-to-customer conversion strategies, this will increase your pool of potential Montessori students.

We have helped many Montessori schools increase enrollment through strategic marketing campaigns that use SEO as the cornerstone. We are also a Google Partner and WSI Google Alliance participant.

Montessori schools need WSI Connect because we have invested time and effort into developing websites for Montessori schools. We have the insight and ability to create more effective websites focused on the educational community in general and Montessori in detail.

These are the core strategies that WSI Connect leverages as your Montessori SEO Company:

Keyword Research

Keyword selection is the starting point for any SEO campaign. Keywords are the words or phrases people enter into search engines to find information, goods, and services. It’s essential to choose keywords that are relevant to your school and associated with converting prospective students into actual students. WSI Connect uses good keyword research to help you better understand the terms parents use when searching for Montessori programs.

Competitive Analysis

When you begin your journey to increase the online visibility of your Montessori school, a great first step is to study your competitors. Which search terms or keywords do they rank high for in search results? Are they engaging in pay-per-click (PPC) advertising? Is their website designed for attracting parents to attend school tours? Is it mobile friendly? This information helps you figure out what is and isn’t working for competing schools, or their strengths and weaknesses.

Web Audits

You might already have an attractive website, but there is much more to a high-quality site than aesthetics. A clean, well-structured site that incorporates modern SEO architecture appeals to search engines and helps with rankings. WSI Connect begins by analyzing your website’s on-page optimization and how users engage with your site, reviewing the code, and locating areas for improvement.

Website Content

High-quality and original website content is the essence of SEO. Creating content with parents and search engines in mind is the most effective way to ensure positive rankings. Poor website content can be extremely detrimental to your website’s visibility. WSI Connect helps analyze and improve your existing content, as well as create new content for web pages and blog posts.

Local Search

Local search optimization is a powerful tool for targeting local parents. WSI Connect develops a localized strategy that targets the right type of prospective Montessori parents in your geographic area.

Is your current website mobile friendly?

The volume of mobile traffic now exceeds the volume of desktop traffic. This is why Google prioritizes the mobile versions of websites in their indexing algorithm, making the mobile version of your website the most important version.

Interested in learning more about how WSI Connect can be your Montessori SEO company?

The first step in working with WSI Connect as your Montessori SEO company is to schedule a discovery call. The goal of this call is to better understand your school and goals, and discuss how WSI Connect can help your Montessori school improve its performance in online search. Contact us today to schedule your discovery call.